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If your kid tells you he wants to run away and join the circus, it may not be the clown and trapeze artist type circus he’s talking about. Especially if he or she has had any exposure at all to the epic action sports entertainment company that is Nitro Circus.

The Nitro Circus ringleader, Travis Pastrana is an action sports icon with an enormous imagination and big ideas – not all of them entirely sane. The result ‘… the greatest, funniest, stupidest show in Nitro Circus history-.

As Pastrana says, `Nitro Circus is turning me loose! I’m throwing all of my best, and worst, ideas into one incredible two-hour show. Everything I’ve ever wanted to see live, we’re taking on the road. Expect bigger, brand-new ramps, even crazier stunts and so much more. It’s going to be unreal. Look out, though. There might be a few rough landings.`

Featuring the best athletes in FMX, BMX, Scooter and Inline, including multiple X Games medalists and several Nitro World Games champions, the Nitro Circus You Got This Tour 2018 will have you laughing, screaming and flinching along with the crowd as the Nitro team push their high risk, high reward philosophy to the limits.

On 20th November, 2018, you can take your seats at the Nitro Circus Birmingham Arena. Get your tickets now.

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