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Although Runrig’s last concert is still on 18th August, they squeezed in an extra performance a day earlier at the same City Park venue in Stirling. The extra farewell gig is also called The Last Dance which we guess makes the one tomorrow night ‘the very last dance’.

In 2015, Runrig recorded what they said at the time would be their last studio album, The Story. For sure there were fans at the time that hoped this was going to prove inaccurate. Perhaps a flash in the pan reaction to overwork or band fatigue.
Sadly though, the Scottish lads have stuck by their word and there has been no further studio albums recorded since The Story -and nor will there.

“Taking the decision in 2015 to record the final studio album, The Story was a positive decision for us all. It was musically cathartic, creatively exciting, and it brought our recording career to a completed circle. It was very much a closing statement.”
Now, Runrig are preparing to take the next step and bring closure to the band as a live act. They are doing this through a farewell concerts tour in Germany, Denmark and England titles, The Final Mile. The very last concert of all will be held in the heart of Scotland. The venue, City Park, Stirling, at the foot of the castle.

Titled, The Last Dance, it will be an emotional event for band members and fans alike as they wish goodbye to Runrig as we know it today. However, as artists and musicians, the band members are unlikely to stop creating and producing so fans can look forward to what comes next.

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