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American hard rock band, Queens of the Stone Age’ Villains Tour is currently set to end in the 3Arena in Dublin on 24th November. While it is possible that the band add more tour dates,(thanks to much clamouring on the QOTSA Facebook page and other social networks), this is set to be a wild night.

John Homme’s philosophy is that, ‘now is all you’ll ever get. It’s all there ever will be.’ The band celebrate this concept by steering clear of politics and topical ‘bullsh*t’, making the experience of seeing them in the ‘now’, live on stage just about as ‘in the moment’ as you can ever be.

Homme has made no secret about the fact that he likes to dance. You might catch a few reflective moments in the concert but be prepared to move, because the band are all about energy.

So whatever you do, do not miss it!

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