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American Indie rock band, The National, have an affinity for Ireland. In 2002, their first Irish tour kicked off at Auntie Annie’s in Belfast, followed by The Cobblestones in Dublin and Triskel in Cork. The band were promoting their debut album, imaginatively titled, The National, at the time and it has to said, they were not very well known.

That night in Cork for example, the Triskel was a cosy venue, which would have struggled to contain 90 people but only 60 to 70 adventurous souls rolled up to take a chance on the newcomers from Cincinnati.

Although The National are once again promoting a new album, Sleep Well Beast, the venues they are doing it in are a tad bigger. Donnybrook Stadium has a capacity of 6,000 and it is very likely that it will be full to bursting when The National take the stage on 16th June, 2018. Be sure to grab your tickets while you can.

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