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As far as blues guitarists go, Joe Bonamassa is a legend. At the age of 12, he opened for B.B. King and since he has just never looked back.

Back in the day, before he was known as a world renowned solo blues guitarist, JB was Smoking Joe Bonamassa and he played for a band called Bloodline. Even then, in 1994 when Bloodline appeared on a Live with Conan clip, young JB’s talent shone right through. You have to wonder what the young J. Bonamassa would have thought about one day being recognized by Planet Rock as being the “Best Worldwide Solo Artist”, or having TeamRock Unplugged count his LP, ‘An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House’ as one of the top 25 acoustic albums ever.

More recently, in Joe’s Salute to British Blues Explosion series, a tribute to Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck, critics were simply blown away.

Bristol Post: “…has to be heard and seen to be believed”.

Lancashire Telegraph: “Joe Bonamassa left grown men open-mouthed.”

The Star: “Electrifying brilliance!”

The Sunday Mail: “A masterclass in how exciting a blues show can be”.

Quite simply, if you love music, not just blues, but if music is in your blood, never miss a chance to see Joe Bonamassa live in concert. It is an experience you will remember for ever.

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