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If synthpop music is your thing, then electronic dance duo, Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory will be right up your street.

Vocalist and record producer Alison Goldfrapp counts Marc Bolan, Kate Bush and Iggy Pop as influencers and there is certainly a whole lot of Marc Bolan going on in the song Ooh La La and others.

You might also catch a whiff of the pixie prince’s love of theatrical costumes at a Goldfrapp concert which from the earliest days have celebrated sensuality and drama. A review in The Guardian of a recent Goldfrapp concert in Sydney said of the experience>

“… the show is gloriously slick; the sound is clear and (Goldfrapp) have perfected the art of delivering a set with natural peaks and ebbs while maintaining the energy of the crowd.

Ride a White Horse closes out the main set but an encore follows quickly. If there are any missteps, it’s beginning the show’s coda with the reflective Black Cherry, possibly the sharpest drop in energy over the night. It’s picked back up again quickly, however, with an urgent, almost frantic, rendition of Head First’s Shiny and Warm and the euphoric Ooh La La, before the opening bars of Strict Machine crescendo and splinter into a floor-shaking blasts of noise. It’s a cathartic end to an electrifying show.”

They’ve been round the block more than a few times so while Goldfrapp in concert may hold few surprises for die-hard fans of the 50-something duo, they are experienced at putting on one hell of a show. It’s enough to brighten the dreariest of dull November nights so grab your Goldfrapp Leeds O2 Academy tickets now.

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