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Bryan Adams needs no introduction. The rock and roll musician was born in 1959 in Kingston, Ontario. Bryan Adam, Canada’s best known ambassador toured all the world, working with some of the top guns in the music industry which made him one of the biggest solo artists of all time.

Adams did well in Canada but it was only on release of his third studio album, Cuts like a Knife’, in 1983 that his star rose outside his home country. This was solidified in 1984, with the next album release, “Reckless”.

Adams has been nominated for (and won) several Academy Awards, Golden Globes and Grammys.

In 2018, Adam’s ‘Ultimate’ tour kicks off in Ireland on 21st May and takes in venues in Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Newcastle and finally arrives in London on 30th and 31st of May. Get your tickets for Bryan Adams London, The O2, on 31st May right here.

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