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Comedy fans, it’s a fair chance to head out as you have the opportunity to see your favorite comedian Kevin Hart on the stage. The star himself is coming to the city to giggle your life with the laughter. 1979 born American Actor and Comedian hailing from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) has announced a show at Birmingham Arena on the 30th August 2018.

The multi talented American Artist (Actor, Comedian, Writer and Producer) Kevin Hart has appeared  in films such as “This is the End”, “Modern Family”, “Think like A Man” & many more to prove his talent and to become one of the most hilarious comedy performer that gain the popularity in the last decade. With an amazing sense of humor, Kevin Hart has found a role for himself in the world of comedy. The stardom of the star helps him to work with the celebrated talent like Charlie Hunnam, Monica Keena, Snoop Dogg, Jay Baruchel etc.

Buy Kevin Hart’s tickets to watch him live as he is going to Lighting up the stage with his magnetic personality.

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